Business Security

DFT Security has decades of experience with all sizes of businesses.   From the smallest sole-proprietor to Fortune 500 multi-state companies - DFT can scale the system to meet your needs and budget!

Home Security

Safeguarding your home means more than dead-bolt locks and fire extinguishers. It’s about adding the technology inside your home to monitor the safety and security of your loved ones—even when you’re not around.

Depending on your neighborhood and lifestyle, achieving a sense of safety and control for you and your family might entail:

  • Early detection of freezing water lines, flooding or gas leaks to help minimize damage and danger.

  • Automatic lighting that helps illuminate your way when you arrive home at night, or that gives your house a lived-in look while you’re away.

  • Video surveillance that helps you see who’s outside before you open the door or helps you keep an eye on kids in the backyard pool.

  • Latchkey monitoring notifies you that a child has arrived home.

  • Advanced wiring systems that help you keep pace with the latest in voice, video, data and security technology.

  • More protection for critical areas in your home, such as your home office, your medicine cabinet or a liquor cabinet.


Building a New Home?  If you are considering a security system, now is the time to talk to a DFT Security professional to find out what areas of protection you will need in your new home.   A DFT Security professional can give you tips on:

- What's new in security

- What type of wiring you will need to get the features you want

- What type of protection you will need based on your needs and your home desig

- What the cost will be


In addition, by considering security while still in the design phase of your home project, you can build a safer home from the ground up.


When you decide it's time to take the step to invest in a home security or video observation system from DFT Security, there are a few things you'll need to know:

  • Security systems from DFT Security are installed, serviced and monitored only by DFT Security, we use no sub-contractors.

  • Since your home is unique and your safety needs are as individual as you are, each DFT Security system is designed based on your specific requirements.